Agni Gavala – Appears as an enormous bison of flame, it tracks an irregular path through the Sanu. Within it’s flaming wake are hundreds of smaller fire elementals, but they rarely leave the burning shelter of their patron.

Jala Zaphara – A giant carp composed entirely of water. Nearby rivers will flow out of their natural beds and into it’s path regardless of location, sometime permanently rerouting their path. For up to a week after it’s passage smaller elementals will remain behind reshaping creeks and ponds.

Mani Dadru – A tortoise composed entirely of a mountain. As it travels across the land it leaves previous metals and stones in it’s wake.

Vyoman Zyena – The least observed and most peculiar of all the elements primes. While it may pull the wind towards itself it’s true strength is lent to those whose hearts yearn for freedom.


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